2 Jan 2017

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Dec bike log: 80 miles

A minimal month, but not at all bad considering we had our first real snowfall (that affected roads) and then I took the final two weeks off for vacation. On the upside, I commuted in <10F weather for a day or two and survived it just fine, although I did accept a ride home from the company xmas party from a coworker who had a bike rack.

Bike updates: because of the excessively cold mornings, I installed my BarMitts early (last year they didn't go on until January). I'll keep them there through spring, even though I don't really need them when it's above 40F. I remembered to grease my chain after riding in the snow, but my front wheel has picked up another annoying squeak or two. Part of it is related to my brake but I'm not sure that's all of it. And of course it comes and goes so it's harder to debug. I also received a new bike bell but it arrived after the Mitts were on, so I haven't actually installed it yet.

I'm on the lookout for new goggles for when it's super cold and/or actively snowing. I have a really cheap pair which would probably work fine if I had a lot of constant wind or less variable temps, but for what I use them for they fog badly every time, despite a variety of anti-fog attempts, so I'm giving up on them. I do have an actual ski mask which works fine, but it's bigger and less compact than my ideal thing would be.

I broke my bike fast with a lovely New Year's Day ride yesterday, but technically that should be in next month's post.


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