3 Jun 2017

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Bike log, May 2017: 195 miles

The biggest thing this month to affect my mileage is that I moved offices at work a few blocks down the street, taking my commute from a range of 2.6-3.7 miles to 2.9-4.0 miles. Although I can do the route into work in about the same time since now I can take the last third of it down Forbes which includes a big hill.

The vaguely-bike-related upgrade I did this month was to get a new phone, which is current enough that it doesn't randomly crash on me nearly as much, and has a much more accurate GPS. So I've been able to track my riding a bit more often, which uploads to the National Bike Challenge. Which, no surprise, still stucks. Well at least I'm not putting effort into it.

I did a few longer rides: one leisurely ride around the river trails, once to Open Streets, and one Weekend Hills ride.

Butt is still kinda sore during rides > an hour or so. Thinking maybe my saddle isn't the right one for me, despite it being a pretty color of blue. Wheels lights also annoyingly go out randomly sometime after I turn them on. Could possibly be low battery but more likely bad wire connection but I haven't figured out where. I will try one more time to debug, then I'm just going to order new ones (since they are super cheap).


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