5 Jun 2017

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I've been going to lyra/trapeze classes for two and half months now and tonight was the first week of classes in their new South Side building. Since they are expanding and will be increasing their class offerings, my instructor said that she thought I was ready for level 2. So tonight was also my first time in a non-beginner class.

Since it was my first, and I have so little experience, and I didn't know the other students there tonight (but they were way more experienced), and it was technically a 2/3 combined class, AND the studio is still in an interim phase before real sessions start, I have no idea exactly what level the stuff we did tonight would be considered (elsewhere, or even here later). All I know is that it was, shall we say, humbling. I was spoiled in the beginner class where I could do all the moves fairly easily and just needed to develop balance and grace. This class was the first time where I simply failed at nearly everything we tried.

The updown warmups were all fine, and at least my mounts are much smoother. Gazelle rollup - failed several times and acquired nice inner leg bruises. Back balance - couldn't even get one hand off and stable, but made myself lightheaded from hanging upside down trying. Moving to lyra: dragonfly into wine glass was really awkward but not awful, and a forward spin as part of dismount was the one new things that went well. Spinning kneehang situps - cannot do. Trapeze ankle hang (with legs wrapped around ropes) - held my legs wrong and abraded two spots on my feet something good. Had to bail face first onto the mat. Conditioning knee lifts - not bad, but can't quite bring them to the bar. Spinning - even the slightest bit gets me headachey dizzy. On my way to the car I cried from frustration.

I have a week to heal up so I can try it all again. Practice makes better.

Here's a pic from a practice a few weeks ago where I was doing things right and looking pretty.


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