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I've been doing these SOTY posts enough that I'm starting to be able to look back and compare to previous years. It tells me that this is definitely an early spring, and also that I should get better about posting actual dates for important events like flowers appearing.

Croci are gone now, but the mini-daffodils opened up the day after the last post (March 14), with the big daffodils slowly following. Hyacinths look kinda sick, but they eventually put out flowers. The tulips, although blunt cut, appear to be growing again, so I have hopes that I'll get flowers from them eventually. Little dicots are appearing in the herb garden which are probably cilantro.

The big ticket job was mostly done by Xuth, in that we are taking out a tree that is growing really awkwardly in the space between three of our sheds. He already took off one big trunk last year, that was actually growing into (and slowly ruining) the shed roof, but the rest of it should probably come down, too. So he climbed the tree and carefully sawed down branches, while I caught them with a rope he rigged up so they didn't do any more roof damage. Today he is turning the large piles of branches into mulch or firewood. Which I should go help with.

Before: Xuth in a tree, with a couple branches already gone. Garden being worked on.

After: Tree is slightly smaller. Our yard is mostly branches.

Things I have done:
  • Cleared a little more brush, shoved that and all the piles of apple branches into the car and sent them off to recycling last weekend.
  • Filled up another two bags of yard waste this weekend by clearing off the garden of dead things and weeds, and piles of leaves from where they collect in that corner. Found a potato while weeding that was not only not dead, but starting to sprout. So I re-planted it.
  • Planted things! It's been such lovely weather that it's sometimes hard to remember that it's only barely spring and definitely not summer. So I really shouldn't be planting warm-weather things. But I'm taking my chances on some things. Potatoes and peas in the garden. Basil in the herb garden. Some wild flower mix in a pot. Radishes in a pot. Chard by the back porch. What I think is primrose in a little space near the mint. More flowers in the front. Half my seeds are old or questionable, so I'm less sure they'll come up, but it'd be nice if some did.
  • Found a large patch of bittercress in the backyard. Sighed. Made a lame attempt at yanking some of it. There's nothing else growing there that I really care about so I might just not give it up.

Things to do:
  • Plant more things! Although I should really wait until after it doesn't get so cold at night.
  • Continue removing goutweed from the garden. Since I can't get to the edges of it, it's totally a losing battle, but maybe I can at least keep it from strangling my strawberries.
  • Work the compost pile and spread a bunch of it. I've needed to do this since the end of last summer, as it's been near overflowing all winter. I think I'll acquire a wheelbarrow first.

Date: 28 Mar 2016 21:45 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Cut down trees in high heels? You or Xuth?

Date: 29 Mar 2016 18:16 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's been years since I cut down a tree but I have chased Vaughn while wearing heels at a Halloween event.


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