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Bike log, Apr 2017: 190 miles

Apr 1 started off with a trip to the bike shop for a spring cleaning, where I got a new chain and cassette, with about normal wear and tear on it. Nothing else new, although the saddle I installed last month is definitely taking some getting used to. It's comfortable for my daily rides now, although more painful on longer rides, but I think the difference is actually how hard I'm riding (i.e., if my weight is more on my butt or on my legs/arms) and not how far I'm riding. Definitely involves less chafing than the previous one, though.

Bike things! Beer Week happened this month, so I biked from to Hough's twice, one of which involved me trying out the runnel on the Alexis St stairs. While it was an interesting experience, I'm not actually sure that it was significantly less effort than just riding up Greenfield. I guess it used different muscles? It was definitely hard work, although less hard than straight up carrying the bike that same route. Xuth and I also biked to the Science March in Oakland, which happened over Carnival weekend, which made it super convenient to get to alumni events, a BBQ, and back home again. Last week we biked downtown for dinner and Disenchanted with some friends, which was entertaining, although not awesome or even terribly memorable. Then on Saturday I helped bike marshall for the second time for the East End Brewery Keg Ride, which went well and the weather even mostly cooperated and didn't start the downpour until after we finished the ride.

I went ahead and joined the National Bike Challenge, since it uses Strava and I sometimes use Strava (only sometimes because the app crashes or otherwise just fails to record an annoyingly high percentage of the time), although I'm not very enthusiastic about it because the interface is really non-obvious. I can't even figure out how to join a team.

I'm very happy it's nice enough weather that I can just bike around to various things I want to do.
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