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I learned earlier today that the accessory store Claire's has non-corrective glasses. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, most of us do try to choose our glasses based on how they look on us; on the other hand, they're still adaptive devices, and I keep thinking there'd be something Off about buying fake hearing aids for the look. Except hearing aids are often chosen to be not visible...

Geeky email question

27 Jul 2017 18:30
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1) I subscribe to a mailing list from which I receive email approximately once per day.

2) The (even-less-tech-savvy-than-I-am) maintainers of the list have alerted me that they've received the following notice (in which I've changed part of the listowners' email to xxx.xxx and have changed my own email to wotw@mydomain.com. mydomain.com is a stand-in for a domain that I own.):

From: "LISTS.xxx.xxx LISTSERV Server (16.0)" <listserv@lists.xxx.xxx>
Date: July 27, 2017 at 12:00:40 AM EDT
To: <zzz@xxx.xxx>
Subject: LISTNAME: Daily error monitoring report

Err First Last Address
--- ----- ----- -------
1 07/26 07/26 WotW <wotw@mydomain.com>
Last error: 5.2.0 550 A URL in this email (emk02 . com) is
listed on https://spamrl.com/. Please resolve and

Err= Number of delivery errors received thus far
First= Date first delivery error was received (mm/dd)
Last= Date of most current delivery error (mm/dd)

Subscribers will be automatically deleted from the list when delivery
errors have been reported for a period of 4 days or more, or when more
than 100 delivery errors have been received, whichever occurs first.
Monitoring will cease after 5 days without any reported errors.

Note: Manually deleted subscribers may remain on the monitoring report
under an alias address. Such entries will expire eventually. You do not
need to do anything about them.


1. I haven't a clue what this means. Does it mean that my domain has refused to accept email from the list because of some spam-related issue? Or does it mean that the listserver is refusing to *send* me email because of some spam-related issue? Or what?

2. I visited https://spamrl.com (as suggested in the mailing).
I clicked on "delist for 7 days to exclude your IP/domain from this system", although I don't actually understand what that means. I typed in my domain name and received the message "Domain mydomain.com has been whitelisted". Since I don't actually understand what problem I'm trying to solve, I also don't understand whether I've just solved the problem. Have I?
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I think I just experienced the platonic ideal of busking where one is not supposed to be. I went down the stairs to the orange line at Metro Center and there were three guys singing close harmony oldies like My Girl or Lion Sleeps Tonight . They had a great sound and were nowhere near as loud as they likely could have been. They could be ignored if one wanted but for me and many they added a smile to the somewhat longer than usual wait.
I've been losing an inordinate amount of time to FB arguments in the last couple days. I think there's been a little bit of good done, but mostly I'm just dismayed.

I feel like there's factions of the left who consider nuance anathema, and there's factions on the right that have their own Truth regardless of any evidence presented, and even seem to considering providing any support to an assertion to be a sign of weakness. It's maddening.

I bowed out of one of the 'conversations' with the Right after a recounting of recent history re how no, a goodly part of the Left would have liked something far less conservative than the ACA was met with "that's the most ridiculous thing i've seen all day' and my linking to Leiberman's threat to filibuster any public option was derided for, well, specifically why wasn't particularly explained. I bowed out with a reference to The DR Who quote about people who change the facts to match their views and posted a We Are Doomed rant* on my own page.

One comment there was incredibly apt, and dovetailed with some of what [personal profile] somewanker has said about Authoritarian Thinking:
Fundamentally, I think it's trust-based truth vs senses/reasoning-based truth. Those of us in the senses camp can't really fathom how much the trust-based folks (some of them; some of them are ON OUR SIDE, and we don't run up against it until they buy a load of crap from somewhere else) fashion their sense of reality based on trust of sources rather than evidence until we hit a giant wall of nope.

And on the other side, I've got a thread going about Virtue Signaling, which I find an incredibly useful concept, and am surprised at how few people were familiar with it. A number of people were only familiar with it as being dismissive of folks on the Left. Thing is, there's certainly an aspect of People Being Publicly Upset About Whichever Injustice, and in some circles the more distraught one is about injustice the more one Belongs and Is A Good Person in that circle. And that can get toxic real fast, both by getting in the way of real action (I learned last night that in some activist circles SJW refers to white people who post about injustice and don't volunteer time or money to address anything) and inhibiting communication because there's social points in being angry at the other person in the conversation rather than looking for common ground.

But everything is virtue signaling. The concept initially came from public religiosity. There's driving a Prius. There's the company putting "we get our power from wind!" on their entry door. There's a goodly portion of what we all post on social media. There's my pictures at Honor Flight. Hell, for the people who think it's great, there's the weird "let's make the truck belch black smoke." But it doesn't have to be cynical, and it doesn't have to be conscious.

I think the kind where reactions are ramped up in order to belong, though, that's not a good thing.

Anyway. That's one thing that took up a lot of my time yesterday and also some today.

I intended to acro and didn't leave in time, but that meant that I eventually made it to a dance in VA that I haven't been to in ages, with geeky swing and jazz music from a traveling band. I'll have to look up the name. I didn't get to the dance anywhere near when intended either, but it went long, and I'm really only at an hour of swing/lindy for my ankle.

Fringe extension is on.

"We're so effing doomed. We have segments of society who are completely impervious to outside information and delight in it. And have rewritten for themselves even recent history. And they vote.
(I just had a conversation about some of the background of the ACA. Except I didn't. I had someone assert a prior post of mine was that ACA was foisted upon the country by Republicans (that is not at all what I'd said), flat out dismiss anything I or another person said about Romneycare or Lieberman as fantasy, and refuse to back up any assertion of his own. Everybody in his post seems to be coming from the same frame of reference. When I referenced the below quote, he decided it applied to me. He can't see this post because the whole thing is so depressing and upsetting. If you really want to know the rest send me a message, but I need to fold laundry and leave for acro now.)"

Cell phones

27 Jul 2017 00:04
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I wouldn't mind a new cell phone. The only problem is I like small cell phones. The one I'm currently using is 4.91in x 2.41in. I also don't like apple and google screwed me over on the both nexuses, so I don't want to deal with the pixel either. I use t-mobile, so I'd need an unlock phone, most likely. This doesn't leave me with a lot of options that I've found. I'd like Android 5.0 or better, I think. I'd like a better antenna too, but it's hard to search for that.

Does anyone have a newer small phone they love that is android but not google?

Birth announcement

25 Jul 2017 23:50
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Alex and I are overjoyed to announce the arrival of Sylvia Dawn Kuper Rudnick, born at home July 24th at 5:40pm, one week after her due date. Labor was lengthy, but we're all doing well, and Sylvia is big, strong and healthy: she weighed 9lbs, 10oz (!) and was 21 inches long at birth.

Here's a pic taken of her at about five hours old.

End of an era

25 Jul 2017 14:07
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On Friday my world of warcraft account will lapse for the first time since November 2004, shortly after this post. a little over 12 years of playing the same video game. I had already started to fatigue, only logging into to do the group content, and then my group fell apart. I'm trying to figure out if there's anything I really want to do before my account stops. And really, I might like to poke at the chromie stuff, but I'm just super bored with WoW, which is understandable.

A few years back they sent statues to anyone who had had an account, continuously, since launch, so I'm putting myself out of the running for the 20th anniversary statue. ;)

This is unlikely to give me any more free time to play other things, since Overwatch is already taking up more video game time than I would really like in my life. I've been putting off making music and other things because of various other priorities. I'm hoping I can find a good balance soon.

Due to a personality conflict, I have to pull more out of taiko again. That's also feeling like a good thing. Hopefully when the dust settles I can make an effort to do the "hard" things of making music videos and putting myself out there again.

I also haven't been to School of Honk since January and miss that (and some of the fun gigs, like the Georges island gig.)

Quick crosspost: fringe

22 Jul 2017 04:50
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I wrote the below over on FB:
I just saw the Changeling Child and it was, bar none, my favorite show this Fringe. A sequel to Midsummer Night's Dream, a generation along, and really sweet. One last performance tomorrow (Saturday) at 145p at Atlas. I'll be seeing something nearby so might even be able to meet up first to loan a button. Srsly, try to see it :). Fringe goes thru Sunday plus a few shows extended but sadly not this one.
There was a bit of screaming and gnashing of teeth involved: I dictated something like it into safari facebook on my phone a few minutes after wandering off from chatting with Tommx and Erica, and then it offered tagging someone and I hit 'back' and it took me back to my notifications. Then I went through typing it in again, since at the fringe bar it was too loud for dictation, and just before I was to hit post, the phone turned itself off, out of power. I finally posted from [personal profile] exsmof's phone.

Anyway, it was delightful. I wasn't laughing as much as I did in One in Four, but it's also a whole play, and sweet, and extremely well done.

Less than 10 hours before I'm ticketed to Exit pursued by bear. 2pm, Atlas.

I somehow doubt I'll get to Trey Parker's Cannibal The Musical at 11:15.

Might try to get to something more tomorrow or Sunday. Been thinking to get to Heroes' Tale.

Debating Exit Carolyn. If I go to the 7p I can't go to an acro thing in Rockville, though it does put me pretty close to a party...

Oh! Yeah, Clara Bow: Becoming It was worthwhile, and is at 3:45.

and ugh. I really have to go to sleep. Oh hell, I think I may have said I'd meet [personal profile] badmagic ahead of Exit for lunch. eep.

(no subject)

21 Jul 2017 10:46
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Gah. I decided not to go to Rockville to another evening of shiva last night because I really really needed to do something about my apartment and look at flights and such, for my own sanity. Going to the free fringe production of Shakespeare in the Pub then back home with K seemed like it would be a good compromise - how to turn down 11 women who've been drinking, a couple of whom I knew, doing a read through of Titus Andronicus with enough fake blood there were warnings re what clothes to wear? But the info had said 1.5 hrs. I hadn't expected 6:45 to end at 9:05, and I even more regret staying for Abortion Road Trip*.

Because really pathetically I don't trust myself to get anything done alone.

*everybody else seemed to enjoy it a lot more than I did. There were some strong performances, but I really hated the acting of one of the characters, and I was annoyed by the character with the most lines, and I was distracted by finding fault with the initial premise. Also? Neither K nor the guy on the other side of me had any memory of the character,"Mom."

on books

20 Jul 2017 11:59
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when i got home last night there were a bunch of boxes of books by the recycling. They were in good condition and looked like anything from interesting to rare (there were some large Russian English dictionaries on top of one, and some Shostakovitch records on another) so I moved them to my parking space where nothing is supposed to live but I can probably get away with it a couple days, and pinged someone who is already handling getting other stuff to a charity he favors, and grabbed out Katherine Graham's autobiography for immediate reading.

My building has a building library; I'm not sure whether I should've given it first crack, but that would have required getting the boxes up a flight of stairs and through a couple doors at 3am, rather than just 50 feet to my space.

I'm not sure what sorting I should do before they go to support Fairfax Auxilliary. Probably start with grabbing out anything in Russian... .

I'm sad, because I'm pretty sure this is the collection of someone who died. And it also has me thinking of all the books Mom has, some of which are Old and Important, and many of which are outdated and random. And many of which Dad once wanted back.
That last paragraph may be a bit open for my usual friendsfriends security level over there on FB.

It seriously was sad, seeing things like that. I rescue stuff. It's so important to me that it has a home and not a landfill. And yet I do know that getting stuff to goodwill is yet another measure of cope, and even there one needs to be realistic about what they will and will not put out to sell. That's part of why I have so much grandma stuff that needs to be dumped on a "we sell it all on ebay and you get a cut." Because that Eastern Airlines tiny carryon that needs a zipper repair will be thrown out by goodwill, and treasured by the right person. When Allyson was over helping me through a large amount of momclothes she was overjoyed to take the Woodies and Garfinkles boxes from the closet. Cardboard boxes, but she wraps stuff in boxes from defunct stores and she especially loves local defunct stores.

A sweet little old man who lived a few doors down died a few years ago. As part of cleaning out the place, the family had put a box of mugs and glasses in the trash room. I'd looked through it, and seen a small mug, smaller than I usually use, emblazoned with [specific dc high school 50th reunion]. Kept it around to honor the guy, vaguely intending to contact said high school. A year or so later, Shira was over, and I showed it to her, and she took it with her! I don't think it was the high school she'd attended; I'd have to ask. But to her it was a sufficiently meaningful bit of DC history she wanted it.

This is all part of why it's so hard to sort. What is a life? This is part of why it's so hard to get rid of even things I don't really want. I guess I imbue things with a soul. Not just "does it give me joy" but "can I get it to someoen for whom it will?"

I have to stop typing; I decided to keep plans for today and need to leave soon.
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There's so very much to write. I didn't write about Baitcon. I didn't write much about MomYartzeit. I didn't write about New Story Leadership project (final event today at 630 at Archives). Or the various thought provoking plays I've seen at Fringe.

But I woke up this morning with I helped bury someone yesterday in my head.

I've known Sonya Schultz since her son Ben and I dated back in high school. Sophomore and Jr years. It was at their house I first was part of Havdalah. It was with them I first went to Simchas Torah - Ben and I went in all our Sadie Hawkins finery before going on to the dance. In the years that followed, she included me in her huge seders when I wasn't in Cleveland. In recent years other friends have offered invites first, or I've been in Cleveland. It's been a while since I've been to the house. My last sure memory of talking in person was shortly after Ben's now three year old was born. It was some years before that, in that apartment, when she said to me, "Marry one of my sons; I don't care which!" At the house last night, I was reminded by more than one of the family that she would have adopted me in, regardless.

I spent much of the day yesterday with Cathie and later Lauren. They would each occasionally run into Sonya and sometimes also David at Strathmore, or at Costco. I am envious.

It's kinda weird. In a certain way she and I were more regularly in touch the last couple years because she would respond in my facebook here and there. But I had no idea she was ill, because it had been so long since she and I had spoken in person. And tbh, I might not have known anyway -- people commented last night they'd just seen her at shul a week ago.

The funeral was long and full. Cathie and I were some of the few who ended up parking on the street because the parking lot was full. There were some beautiful stories and some heartbreak, and as is always the case for me, I learned more and was sad not to know it earlier. Bits about just how fiercely there she was for her kids, bits about her involvement with the shul, or defying being told "no woman can pass this econ test," or that they'd been on their most recent cruise only in May. Or that they'd planned to remodel the kitchen. I could so visualize that kitchen, the house. It wasn't the house they had when Ben and I dated; I don't remember that one, now.

At the gravesite, there was a traditional handwash station. One washes on leaving a graveyard. She and Ben had been at my grandmother's funeral at Arlington. Memories came flooding back of her coming up to me to give me wet wipes in the absence of the two handled cup. "al natitlat yadayim."

I've only been to a couple gravesites that weren't Jewish funerals*. Even so, there were things that were new to me. More traditional. That we all process together with the coffin but stop 7 times in reluctance. That one should add at least three shovelfulls of earth because 3 makes it not an accident or coincidence. That the first shovelful should be the back of the shovel, because we don't really want to be efficient in saying goodbye. That we shouldn't hand the shovel along to the next but instead put it back into the pile.

I've never before been to a funeral with real shovels adding the earth that had just been dug out, rather than symbolic trowelsful. After a while there was one person who went back and was shoveling more, for real, and Ben's younger brother for a while, and if there had been more than two shovels and I had been more clear whether it was okay or I was too far from the family I wanted to as well, despite the dress and shoes. It was hot, very hot. We said kaddish and we all went to the cars. Last night I learned that J had finished shoveling all the dirt for his grandparents, and would really have preferred to have done so here. And that the small bucket I'd wondered about that his girlfriend troweled from may have been Jerusalem dirt, but the part that was important to her was it also contained a vegan truffle she'd made for Sonya, but which Sonya had suggested bringing on Saturday but then not felt up to eating. This sounds so odd, written, but brought tears to my eyes in person.

I'd planned on going to a couple fringe plays last night, and I'm glad I hadn't preticketed. I spent the afternoon with Lauren, and then was in the right part of town to go over to shiva last night rather than trying to force getting there on Thursday. And the reason why shiva is traditionally in the deceased's house was so very apparent. So many memories in these rooms. A memory of a shiva, even. Sonya's mother.

I need to get moving. There's more to write and there isn't. There's contrasts with my mom's death, and after. Maybe later.

*One was Steve Devoney's dad, a couple months ago, after which everybody retired to the house and there were stories and video. One was a close friend, 8 years ago. The funeral itself had been a mass in latin at which there happened to be a coffin; the gravesite was in English and I think maybe mentioned her name. After everybody left her aunt started wedging flowers in any part of the coffin handles and hinges she could, and a couple of us joined in this until the coffin was covered in flowers, and then after the people came and lowered the coffin we dropped more flowers on top. And they put the concrete or whatever cover on and uncovered the dirt and I commented that in Jewish funerals we add the dirt. To make it final, real. And the four of us still there we each did add a handful. And that's when the aunt cried.

south california trip log

15 Jul 2017 14:22
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I wanted to post about our socal trip but I just can't think of that much to say. Basically, Chris and I went down to LA and SD for the long 4th of July weekend.

Friday we drove down. Traffic was actually not bad at all and we hit Malibu at about 4pm (but due to PCH traffic didn't make it to our hotel until like 5pm, seriously). Went to Ari and Thuy's pre-wedding picnic on the Malibu Bluffs... but we really didn't know anyone so mostly we walked around the park and talked to a few people and ate food and whatever. Afterwards we went back to our hotel and watched an episode of OITNB on Chris's iPad.

Saturday the weather was totally overcast, so Jenny joined us and we went to Santa Monica for the afternoon. We got brunch at Blue Daisy and walked around the pier and other things in the area and did a Pokemon raid with a bazillion people and such. Then we went to Jenny's airbnb to get ready for the wedding with her and some of her bridge friends.

The wedding was at Ari's parents' house and unlike our wedding, they got the Final Fantasy music right (Ari's brother plays the harp so he played it, and Ari's sister played the cello). They also did responsive vows like we did :) The people at the wedding were a combination of bridge friends and tech friends and stuff, and we were seated at the Facebook table (with Jenny and with Mike and Michelle and others I didn't know). Food was kinda wacky -- they had people serving ramen in cardboard containers and salad in heart-shaped bowls, but everything else was small foods passed around by people carrying trays (but that wasn't clear until we asked some of the staff).

Chris and I left around 10pm because we were driving to San Diego (which was a largely uneventful drive); we got in around 12:30am.

Sunday we went to the Padres-Dodgers game with my friend Dani (since I wouldn't see her in MA for the Japan-US college tournament, we both decided to skip it this year). Petco Park is huge and nice, but enough Dodgers fans drive down that you seriously can't tell who the home team is most of the time. Kenta Maeda was starting for the Dodgers too, which was kinda lucky, but he pitched poorly and got taken out in like 3 innings. After the game Chris and I went to a fancy restaurant he'd booked a reservation at, Juniper & Ivy, and they gave us seats at the chef's counter so we got to watch them preparing food, which is always fun.

Monday we went to the San Diego Zoo with Chris's dad, who drove down to see us. The zoo is huge and has lots of animals, but it was hot outside and I was really sluggish after a few hours of that. In the evening we got dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant called Bice.

Tuesday we came home, stopping off in LA to have lunch with Chris's grandparents on the way. Oddly, traffic wasn't so bad on our way home either, aside from one incident where a car was ON FIRE and blocking traffic just as we were getting on I-5 past the Grapevine.
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Hey, you! Yeah, you. Wanna read an excerpt from Provenance?

Yeah, you can do that right here.

It’s round about the first half of the first chapter, actually.

I hope you enjoy it!

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