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Sometime, oh, about 14 years ago, when I first went to work for CMU's Computing Services, I met the local LDAP admin, who started calling me "Babs." Now I don't go by nicknames much, and I thought "Babs" was kind of a weird one to get from Barbara, but for some reason he was so friendly about it I decided I didn't mind.

A few years down the road, after we'd been working together, I decided one day to ask: "So what's up with the 'Babs' nickname, anyways?" He looked at me, shocked, apologized profusely, gave me an LDAP book (since I was about to start writing applications that used it anyway), and told me to read the intro. And that's how I met Babs Jensen, a famous mythical manager.

She's a big sailing fan, and used to work as product manager in the rod and reel division at, but she later had a solid stint at University of Michigan. Her userid is bjensen, usually at, but also at umich and some other places, although her number (originally 408 555 1212) is in CA. It must be a family business, as she is sometimes accompanied by her friends/family Bjorn, Jennifer, Gerd, Horatio, Fiona, Robert, Paula, and Ingrid Jensen.

Ever since then, every few months or so, another of my friends (acquaintances, SOs, etc) starts doing some kind of development involving LDAP, comes across the standard example for the first time, and pings me about it. I find it all terribly amusing, although I regretfully inform them that they're several years too late to be news. I've considered working it into a profile or resume somehow, just to see reactions from people who get it.
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Inspired by the Pedal Pittsburgh ride last weekend I did with rob and [ profile] chrisamaphone

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Trick question: What's different?

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I have a lot of things I want to post and catch up on, but I figure I should post this one before Halloween is too far gone.

[ profile] xuth and I went to a costume-encouraged wedding in SF the weekend before Halloween. Here's how we ended up: you think this happens every day? )
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[Poll #1782659]

Where by "first drink" I'm thinking of most of a single serving of alcohol that you ordered, accepted, were served, snuck, etc. Sharing counts if you had enough to consider it "a serving" or got drunk.

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Many years ago, thanks to a visit to Thailand where my usual drinks were not as available, I started drinking tea. Back home, I quickly realized that not only is it tasty, it's a fantastic low-calorie sit-and-sip warm drink that I can keep at my desk at work (or at home) while I'm working, is good to wake up to, to relax to, and to hold during meetings.

I could certainly claim to be a tea enthusiast, although definitely not a tea snob. I have my preferences (black, breakfast, milk, no sugar, hot), but I'm not picky about some aspects (bag vs loose, 'proper' brew time/temp), and will compromise in the event of suboptimal choices (but no milk still makes me sad). I have an Amazon subscription to Twinings Irish Breakfast boxes of tea bags.

At work, I keep a box of tea, a travel mug (to keep it warmer longer), and milk in my office fridge. The most convenient nearby source of hot water is upstairs and down the hall, in a grad student/local staff lounge. I'd planned to get a personal electric kettle for water, but never got around to it, as the regular walk upstairs helps ensure I get up from my desk regularly.

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[Poll #1717612]

0 I picked 10 years as a decently sizeable chunk of most of my friends' adult lives.
1 Name that you introduce yourself with, or that most of your friends call you, whether or not you've legally changed it. Could be a nickname if it's a distinctly different one than what you used in the past.
2 General length, e.g., "short" or "long" hair, not just a few inches difference, unless those few inches are all you had.
3 Again, more general, like the main color other people would describe your hair, or what you put on a driver's license.
4 Probably enough that whatever correction you previously used is no longer easily usable.
5 Use your own judgment for what feels like "significant," but I'd guess at 20% of bodyweight or so.
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Here's a thought topic I found vaguely interesting that I'd enjoy hearing yinz's thoughts on. Borrowed liberally from a zephyr conversation this afternoon.

If you were a time traveler (i.e., you have future knowledge but no materials other than the clothes on your back), do you think you could survive being a passenger on the Titanic (when it sunk)? How about any other interesting disasters?

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Last week, [ profile] xuth and I decided to celebrate our xmas without kids around and go play in the snow without them, by spending a couple days hiking around Hocking Hills in Ohio. Pictures from the parks will be forthcoming; this entry is about the cabin where we stayed.

the cabin )

the game )

Our clues are in the above note. The full picture set of the cabin is here. All of the locations we mention are easily visible in the pictures. How many can you find? (Look before reading the comments, in case there are spoilers there)
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Oh yeah, this Halloween thing happened lately. Good pictures don't exist, but bad puns do.

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the adults )
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[Poll #1606024]

[I am assuming basics for what you would expect from a polite host, not necessarily the best one might do.]

What other things do you do for guests, or might you expect as a guest? What circumstances would change these?
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[ profile] redglasses wondered on twitter the other day whether the wiki page for the planet or element would come up first for 'Mercury.' [Ans: neither; it's the car] Which got me wondering what order things would come up for the rest of the planets: planet, mythology, company, or other, and tried to predict the first few links before searching.

Mercury: company (car), company (engines), element, planet
Venus: company (clothing), planet, goddess, NASA
Earth: google, planet
Mars: planet, god, NASA
Jupiter: planet, god, NASA
Saturn: company (car), planet [mythology not even in top ten!]
Uranus: planet, god, NASA
Neptune: planet, god, planet (not wiki), NASA
Pluto: planet (ok, dwarf), god, planet (not wiki), NASA

Amusing point of the afternoon: [ profile] xuth and I were talking about this while I was doing the lookups, and I mentioned that 'Saturn' maps by default to the planet for me, not the car, even though we own two. And this conversation ensued:

xuth: you know, Saturn is going away soon.
blk: it is?
xuth: yeah, GM is shutting them down.
blk: oh! the car!
us: *much laughter*
blk: well, y'know, it is a gas giant, maybe it was starting to dissipate or something. :)
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It's holiday question time!

[Originally ripped off from [ profile] aroraborealis's post, with a twist so everybody can play.]

Want to be asked something? Something about yourself, something someone is curious about, or something totally random or silly? If so, leave a comment!

Want to ask something? Something about someone, something you're curious about, or something totally random or silly? Pick a commenter and ask them a question. Put the username of the person you are asking in the subject of your comment for easier tracking.

However, once you leave a comment (for any reason, including asking a question), you're fair game for being asked a question!

Please play nicely. (and ask more questions!)
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Pointless poll Wednesday!
[Poll #1452219]

Bonus question for the comments: Is this the same type of process you used when you were growing up?
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The problem with Live Journal is that we all think all these stupid memes are fun, but really, they are repetitive and annoying. Hence, I want you to tell me something you think I should know about me. Something that should maybe be completely fiction, and that I have no idea about.
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__________ is/are just a vehicle to transport ___________ to my mouth.

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Loosely based off a zephyr conversation in which political clothing spending was discussed:

[Poll #1283257]
Or, if you paid a lot for some nifty awesome bikini set just because you wanted to, comment and show off to let me know!

Feel free to include any type of clothing that can be found in the lingerie section, or that is generally expected to be worn covered by some other clothing (e.g., bra, panties, boxers, undershirt, socks, hose, shapewear).


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