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Prompted by recent conversations on FB.

[Poll #1939202]

1. I'm talking about traditionally gendered clothing according to present day, United States.
2. I am generally talking about outwardly visible clothing, not accessories. So generally not counting underclothing, shoes, jewelry, hats, hairstyles, coats, or most any clothing that could be considered "unisex" at a glance. But whatever. Use your own judgment.
3. If you identify or have identified as both genders, feel free to answer either or both questions according to a timeframe when it best applied. If neither, do whatever you want.
4. Yes of course you want to explain and clarify your answer, because the options are limited and do not appropriately cover your point of view. Please do so in comments in addition to selecting the poll option that best represents your position if possible.
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It has begun! Apple trees are producing apples again! First time since my first summer here, 4 years ago. Logging for my own history.

Applefalls from the last week yielded 5 lbs 3 oz of usable apples (and slightly more than that of underripe, rotten, eaten, or otherwise unusable ones). Only one tree appears to have ripe apples at the moment; the other one's are still smaller and green. No idea what kind they are; ripe ones appear to be about 2-3 inches in diameter, medium reddish. Texture is somewhat crisp; flavor is reasonably sweet. Perhaps Gala? Would match taste, color and est. ripening time period, so best guess so far.

As these apples wouldn't keep well, I decided to Fix Things. After a mad dash out to re-acquire my borrowed apple thingy (and borrow a cup of walnuts) from [ profile] jude, I came back home and made mango apple salsa, Waldorf salad, kielbasa apple pasta casserole, and two trays of apple slices for dried apples (or possibly apple chips, although I think I made them too thick for that). I also made another batch of southwestern pasta salad, since I had leftover garden tomatoes, but that didn't have any apple. Of the 5+ lbs, I ended up with one apple leftover, which I cut up and ate dipped in honey. Yum.

I don't have Grand Plans for two trees full of apples, so if you are interested in coming by to say hi sometime in the next couple months, and want to bring a couple lbs home with you, I'm sure that can be arranged. As a caveat, these are not great for straight eating, as none are without some amount of bug-warping, squirrel-nibbling, and/or bruising. But if you are going to chop them up and can just cut around some of the less-good parts, they're just fine.

Alternately, do you know any good apple recipes? I'm somewhat more interested in non-desserty ones, as I'm sure there will be a pie, a crisp, sauce and butter at some point, but if you have one you swear by, send it my way! I also like experiments (as evidenced by dinner tonight), so odd-sounding ones could also be fun.
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The other evening after climbing I stopped in the grocery store on the way home for a few things, and while in the bread aisle, a couple stopped me to say hi. They recognized me a) from the gym where we all climbed, and b) from my picture on my braiding website, which they had just been browsing recently.

It caught me totally by surprise (albeit pleasantly so), and we chatted braids for a few minutes before parting ways.

Now, it's pretty unusual that random people (not going to cons) would know me from my braiding site before greeting me in person, but not that unusual that someone would greet me because they'd seen me elsewhere. But it takes me by surprise every single time, because it never happens to me. That is, it is unusual for me to recognize someone from one casual context of my life when I see them in a different context, and I cannot once think of a time when I have recognized someone in person after having only seen them in a photo.

[Just to clarify, the sort of situation I'm thinking of involves a person I do not know well and likely have not formally met, although I may have seen or even spoken to them before, and I am seeing them in a new context that I did not expect to see them in.]

I do not consider myself to have face-blindness, although I sometimes wonder if it's more that I've trained myself out of it. I try to look carefully at people and pick out features - the shape of their smile; the slant of their bone or muscle structure; the way they carry themselves; their speech patterns; or the style of their hair (yes, this last one is less than reliable and does have its own obvious problems). I explicitly look at their face if we're having a conversation or just spend time looking (not staring) at people around me when I'm in a group. Looking at people from a variety of angles is helpful, as many of the specific details that I use to identify them are only visible from a select perspective. Which is, I believe, a big part of my problem with photographs. Pictures show a single, static perspective. If the picture is a posed one, then it shows features which may not be regularly present in person (an intentional smile, for example). If I know I am supposed to match a picture with a person (someone I am meeting from online, for example), I can generally do so quite easily, but there is still the moment of confluence, where I have two distinct, separate people-images in my head - the one from the picture and the one sitting in front of me - and I need to explicitly tell my brain "these two person-entries can be merged into one."

Interestingly, I don't usually have this problem with screen characters (although a cast of older, dark-haired, white men is usually confusing for a while), and I think that's because part of the production's entire purpose is to create a recognizeable character. They will style the hair uniquely and/or consistently, for example, or otherwise enhance the subtle identifying marks that I tend to work by and make sure they are present in every scene.

Not recognizing people (in or out of context) seems to be not at all an uncommon thing, as I've heard many of my acquaintances speak of similar (and many who have it far worse, even to actual disability level). I've grown used to it in myself, so I'm not really bothered when I notice it, and have gotten used to apologizing briefly for not remembering a name, a context, a conversation, or even that I've seen them before. But it must not be an uncommon thing to HAVE this recognition skill, either, because of the countless number of times someone HAS recognized me from somewhere else (and I rarely recognize them back).

What is your experience? Do you get people recognizing you more often than you do in return, or vice versa? What are some mental methods you use to commit people to memory?
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[Poll #1817848]
Use whatever connotation for these terms you tend to default to.
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I've decided that I want an e-reader. The first thing I wanted was to read more. I mean read like curl up with a blanket and tea and cat and a immerse in a fiction book, or possibly even read like a good nonfiction that makes me think and learn. I -don't- mean read like catching up on blogs or news articles. A good book is like a mini vacation; it lets my brain escape and relax, which is good for it, so reading is good for me, and I should do more.

read about it )

Hey peanut gallery, here's where I would like information from you. What do you have or have played with? What do you like and not like about it? Do my assumptions above match up with your actual experience? Would I really be able to put Android apps onto any of these systems? (except the kindle) I may or may not be interested in jailbreaking it - how much trouble is it and what would it get me? What am I not thinking about? Thanks!
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[Poll #1782659]

Where by "first drink" I'm thinking of most of a single serving of alcohol that you ordered, accepted, were served, snuck, etc. Sharing counts if you had enough to consider it "a serving" or got drunk.

context )
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Here's a thought topic I found vaguely interesting that I'd enjoy hearing yinz's thoughts on. Borrowed liberally from a zephyr conversation this afternoon.

If you were a time traveler (i.e., you have future knowledge but no materials other than the clothes on your back), do you think you could survive being a passenger on the Titanic (when it sunk)? How about any other interesting disasters?

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Last week, [ profile] xuth and I decided to celebrate our xmas without kids around and go play in the snow without them, by spending a couple days hiking around Hocking Hills in Ohio. Pictures from the parks will be forthcoming; this entry is about the cabin where we stayed.

the cabin )

the game )

Our clues are in the above note. The full picture set of the cabin is here. All of the locations we mention are easily visible in the pictures. How many can you find? (Look before reading the comments, in case there are spoilers there)
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The solstice moment passes this evening, and hope for a sunny, warm world returns once again! Every stolen moment of daylight will come back, and the world continues on once more in its path around the sun.

But while the revolution of the planet remains constant, I don't have to. I want to change; I want to grow; I want to improve myself and be a better person next year than I am right now, and I want that to be my goal every year.

This year, I am asking for help.

In your opinion, what do you think I should do this year to improve myself and become a better person?

the fine print )
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[Poll #1606024]

[I am assuming basics for what you would expect from a polite host, not necessarily the best one might do.]

What other things do you do for guests, or might you expect as a guest? What circumstances would change these?
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It's holiday question time!

[Originally ripped off from [ profile] aroraborealis's post, with a twist so everybody can play.]

Want to be asked something? Something about yourself, something someone is curious about, or something totally random or silly? If so, leave a comment!

Want to ask something? Something about someone, something you're curious about, or something totally random or silly? Pick a commenter and ask them a question. Put the username of the person you are asking in the subject of your comment for easier tracking.

However, once you leave a comment (for any reason, including asking a question), you're fair game for being asked a question!

Please play nicely. (and ask more questions!)
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Pointless poll Wednesday!
[Poll #1452219]

Bonus question for the comments: Is this the same type of process you used when you were growing up?
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The problem with Live Journal is that we all think all these stupid memes are fun, but really, they are repetitive and annoying. Hence, I want you to tell me something you think I should know about me. Something that should maybe be completely fiction, and that I have no idea about.
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It's pointless poll Friday!

Given similar accessibility and availability (i.e., if you have a comparable choice), what do you usually take?

[Poll #1385250]

Everything I missed in comments, etc.
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__________ is/are just a vehicle to transport ___________ to my mouth.

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... because it was too obvious not to:

What do you think I shouldn't do during 2009?
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Loosely based off a zephyr conversation in which political clothing spending was discussed:

[Poll #1283257]
Or, if you paid a lot for some nifty awesome bikini set just because you wanted to, comment and show off to let me know!

Feel free to include any type of clothing that can be found in the lingerie section, or that is generally expected to be worn covered by some other clothing (e.g., bra, panties, boxers, undershirt, socks, hose, shapewear).


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