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I had a lovely few days visiting [ profile] ravens_prentice in San Diego. There was talking and relaxing and reading and eating tasty food and climbing and walking. All in all a fantastic vacation.

Thursday we visited Mesa Rim climbing gym, which was a very nice gym, and wore ourselves out pretty thoroughly. I did not tear my new climbing shorts nor leave any blood on the walls, and I successfully climbed a 5.11c, so I left pretty happy.

Friday we visited the San Diego Zoo, which was a very nice zoo, although having grown up around Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, I was probably not quite as amazingly impressed as I should have been. It was still lovely to walk around, particularly with someone else who appreciated the adorable killer giant kitties, until suddenly I decided I'd had Too Much Sun and was ready to be done, and we spent the rest of the day lazing around.

Saturday was an amazingly delicious breakfast at Great Maple, which had maple bacon donuts that might have made the entire trip worth it just for them, if there hadn't been so much other pleasant stuff already. While there, I used my cis privilege to ask a manager why their single-use bathrooms still had gender signifiers on them, and she said she would pass up my message to the owner. Then I left a compliment for our awesome waiter.

At the airport I first had good flight luck by picking a security line which had a metal detector, so I could skip my expected freedom grope. Then my luck extended by arriving at the gate just in time to hear an announcement asking for bump volunteers, so I did that which allowed a grateful kid to have a seat, and compensated me with more than the cost of my round-trip ticket, and a flight that arrived home only an hour later than originally scheduled. On the plane, my seat neighbor struck up a conversation with me, which ended up talking about SF Cons, and I told her about Arisia, which she seemed very excited about. We exchanged email addresses and I told her she could poke me if she ended up attending.

The only unfortunate part is that I somehow lost my laptop mouse somewhere along the way, and I also picked up a cold somewhere, possibly in the first flight, and therefore exposed a ton of other people already. I've been through the sore throat, the runny nose, the stuffy nose, and now I suspect I have a slight fever, sinus pressure, and general achyness. Fortunately, it's all been fairly mild, and today is a cool rainy Sunday with no plans, perfect for lazing around drinking tea all day. Unfortunately, I just finished my 5th book of the week and I'm rather bored with lazing around, but I also don't really have energy to do much else. Maybe I'll see what else I can clean around here. After more tea.
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I recently came across this series of ads from Nike, from several years ago, featuring women's body parts: butt, knees, shoulders, legs, hips, and thighs.

In general, I like the ads. Not because I identify with them, because really, I don't have the kind of butt or thighs or anything those pictures are talking about, except for the bruised knees. It doesn't make me want to buy Nike, but it does make me remember what one of my goals is when I workout, when I run, when I play hard, when I exhaust myself, and motivates me to work harder. Those are pictures of bodies that I admire, that I seek to imitate.

But by gum, I've got the tomboy knees, and I'm damn proud of those knees.

I have scars on my knees that tell stories. I have the wrinkled, stitched over cut from white water rafting. I have a faint, discolored circle of a scar where I tripped on a curb while running. I finished my run with blood running down my leg and my sock soaked with red, because it didn't hurt while I was moving. I have a notch just below, on my shin from where I fell on the corner of a bed, while wrestling with a lover.

I also have regular transient bruises, mostly from climbing. I used to be able to tell how frequently or recently I had gone rock climbing, by the number and color of the bruises over my knees. Multiple mottled marks meant I'd been working hard lately. Faded green spots meant it was about time to head back to the gym. Clean, pink knees meant I was long overdue.

Today while climbing I hit a rock on the way up and scraped up my leg. It was a minor cut, almost not even enough to draw blood. It stung slightly, but somehow also made me feel a little better, like See? I'm not afraid to exert myself. Thankfully, I don't have a mother that worries about me in that way, and even more thankfully, I have an awesome partner who loves me and my bruised knees. These scars and discolorations, I wear and show off with pride.

As long as I keep on wholeheartedly earning those badges.
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Back from Boston! The weekend was full of awesome things for me. And I have pictures to prove it!

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Now, life is spinning back up to high gear with kids and school and soccer and work and houseguests and braiding and running and tomatoes all needing attention, so I'm sure there'll be more posts coming soon...
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This is how much Karl @ The Climbing Wall likes me:

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In rock climbing, two of the basic ways of moving across the wall are termed static and dynamic climbing. Dynamic climbing uses momentum to travel between holds. It can range from bumping one hand a few inches further to launching off the wall in a full-body jump to catch a hold much higher up. Moving dynamically is often used to compensate for lack of strength or technique, but it can be also very usefully used to compensate for lack of reach.

Static climbing requires a stable position before making small, controlled moves to advance up the wall. It generally moves you more slowly and less wildly, and requires consistent, sustained strength instead of a single burst. It is often billed as being the more challenging and advanced technique, of the two, although a well-rounded climber should be able to do both.

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I've recently gotten back into climbing after a hiatus, and I mostly still feel like I'm working on getting back up to snuff. So I haven't worried much about improving my technique lately.

So when I got stuck on a particularly annoying overhand, with the next hold several feet beyond my reach, and Spyder (a local climbing guru) wanted me to use a figure four, I was quite dubious. It looked incomprehensible and impossibly advanced, not to mention extremely silly.

Still, I gave it a try. It involved matching hands on a good bucket hold on the edge of an overhang, bringing a leg up through my arms, and hooking my knee on my opposite arm's elbow. When I let go with my (unhooked) arm and other leg, and angled my toes under the edge, I magically had another couple feet of balanced reach on me. It was deceptively easy to do (with a slight bit of extra flexibility), was surprisingly easy to hold onto (although it took some arm strength), and worked! It was so fun I did it twice.

It's apparently a very specific and therefore not a generally useful technique (Spyder says he's never actually come across an occasion to use it outdoors), but turned out to actually be the best way I'd tried yet to get up that route. Also, it was sort of disturbingly fun to pretzel myself up like that. I may have to do it more often just because. Whee!
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Finally getting back into regular climbing excursions, after taking off for far too long.

Yep, got the abraded ankle, fresh scrapes on my left knee, light bruises on my right knee, some sore muscles, and tender hands. Also, pretty hungry.

My version of 'feeling good.'

Append: Assuming my current schedule sticks, I'll be going to The Climbing Wall the Thursday before Carnival. Anybody in town who wishes to join me is welcome.
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Today I wore green velvet leggings. It felt strange not being in my usual jeans, but the softness was nice. For fun, I brought green deviled eggs for the division potluck. Yummy!

I went climbing tonight, but nobody I knew was toproping when I first showed up, so I made my way to the bouldering arena. It's a little intimidating being there by myself, because I'm so not good at bouldering, but at least it's a workout that I can by myself. Fortunately, the big advantage of being a regular patron at a place like this is that you make friends, so nearly any night I go, I can eventually find people I like to hang out with.

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And now off to shower and soak my poor swollen fingers in some warm water. Climbing hurts! Ahhhh, what a nice feeling.


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