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After posting about RLS last week, I got some suggestions and also did more reading about how to treat it. I decided to go for the carpet bomb approach and added to my daily diet: a banana yogurt smoothie with protein+vitamin powder, handful of almonds, antacid, less alcohol, and more leg exercise. I was going to do this for a week, but within two days all my symptoms were suddenly much better and I actually was able to relax in bed in the morning. Success! Now I start taking out the parts of that that I don't want to keep up long-term and see if I lose any benefits. I did not take quinine, sleep with a bar of soap, take hot and cold showers, extra dark chocolate, or massage (although maybe I should try those last two anyways, y'know, for science).

In recovery news, my foot is also much improved, thankfully enough to make it through an entire evening in a nifty Halloween costume that involved, um, shoes that were rather harsh on them. I forgot to get pictures, but I'm sure I'll get plenty at Arisia. This week, I'm planning to walk a bunch. Next week, I'm gonna start running again (carefully).

Now that my Halloween costume is done with and I suddenly have a bunch of free time, I decided to properly do my hair again. A couple months ago I found a yarn color I'm fond of, and have been waiting for an appropriately free day. 6.5 hours yesterday didn't quite finish it, but I think I only have another hour or so to go, so I'll finish tonight. Then pictures.

The yard still involves apples and leaves. After I did an apple sweep last weekend, we had another windy day, and poof, another 50 lbs lying in the yard. But I think this might actually be the end. Another batch of applesauce tonight.

The sidewalk apparently got several compliments from trick-or-treaters. I wasn't doing most of the door answering (as Jim had his coat on). Also this weekend I'm finding delayed effects from lifting heavy concrete stones, as the calloused skin on my fingertips has all started to peel off. Whee?

Yesterday Justin finished and submitted his CMU application! A huuuuge load of stress off of him (and me, by proxy). The essays were pure torture but he ended up with some decent quality ones. And now all his future college applications will be much easier.
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So there was this con a couple weeks ago. In past years I've been to this con as a Spicy Braider (or as reg staff), but this year that wasn't to be. Since I suddenly had a bunch of free time and energy, I decided to try A Project.

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Well, I made an idle comment elsewhere that my hair is currently blue and pictures were demanded. I suppose technically I don't really have blue hair and I more have blueish "hair."

I used to do minibraids in my hair on a somewhat regular basis, because it's a lot of fun to wear. I mostly stopped after college as my hair was simply too thin and long to do a reasonable-looking job, and instead turned to doing smaller numbers of braids with things braided in. About a month ago I saw pictures from a woman on reddit who had done yarn braids, and I realized I could do this thing!

So after a recent minor trim, I went and looked for a pretty color of cheap acrylic yarn. I wanted something that was vaguely close to my actual hair color with a bit of color, and I ended up with Red Heart's Earth and Sky, which is a variegated brown with some light blue streaks through it.

Oh, but you just want pictures, don't you. Well fine.

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It took me a total of about 5.5 hours to put in, although the first hour of that was a lot of trying things out, so I suspect some of that could be lessened. I used about 200 yds of yarn, although that's only about 4 oz of yarn so it's not much heavier, but definitely bulkier. Sleeping the first night was a little awkward but I think I'm used to it now. Not sure how long I will leave them in. I figure 2-4 weeks would be sufficient for me to get plenty of enjoyment out of it. It's been 4 days now and it still looks about the same condition as when I started.

Quite happy with them so far.
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My much-neglected todo list tells me that I never did an Arisia writeup for this year. But beyond just showing off braid pics, these posts are good for me for future planning. I'll probably backdate this so I can find it in the future.

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Time for another yearly Arisia post!

This was my second year in driving there with [ profile] xuth and boy instead of flying on my own. Although this year we had the advantage of a much larger car, which somehow still seemed to get completely filled up with Stuff. The drive up was better than last year, with no rain or snow or toothaches, but we still hit heavy fog in going through Connecticut, which is not all that fun.

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The awesome thing I did this past weekend: I went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival and braided hair.

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This was my fourth year working at Arisia; my third as a braider. I think I've got a good thing going.

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