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This last week saw the passing of the autumnal cross-quarter as well as my LASIK anniversary.

The clocks have been turned back, making darkness come disturbingly early. On the bright side, the lack of a job means I can still get outside and enjoy the diminishing sunlight a lot more than when I was in an office. On the other hand, I can feel myself mentally starting to burrow into my warm cozy home nest for the upcoming winter, and it's slowly getting harder to actually get things done. The idea of doing a lot of busy travel is becoming less appealing (fortunately, I've already acquired all the plane tickets I need for the next couple months), but I've also been enjoy cooking and stockpiling.

My eyes are still working as well as ever, with the exception that I returned from my last Boston trip having acquired a minor upper respiratory tract infection, complete with my apparent tendency towards conjunctivitis as a symptom. So yesterday was a cough, last night and this morning were spent cleaning eye gunk out of my lids. Today was the sore throat and aches, but all minor enough that I could pretty much ignore it. I expect a new set of symptoms tomorrow, and hopefully a quick recovery.

Current project: convince all my local friends to buy bouncy stilts. Because they are AWESOME.

There are lights in my windows now, bringing a bit more cheer to my darkness and a smile to my face. I'm looking forward to the cold of this winter season with a lot less trepidation than I have on ones past.
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The nice thing about vacations is getting a break from regular life. The not-so-nice part is that nothing on my regular life to-do list gets done in that time.

Last Thursday was both my 5 year anniversary of getting LASIK as well as the day of the autumnal cross-quarter.

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Three years ago, I got LASIK surgery on both my eyes. A month later, my vision was improved to effectively 20/20, and has since remained stable. I wrote about the before, during, and after experiences and put it online here.

It's difficult to explain exactly how significant this operation was for me. And why I continue to acknowledge its importance to me. Read more... )
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OK, so I actually missed my anniversary by over a week. But I figured a year report was in order, especially since it reminds me that I still need to make an appointment for my checkup.

I can see!

On Nov 6, 2003, I got LASIK surgery on both my eyes, and came through with flying colors. My adventure, from pre-operation checkup, research, surgery, and recovery, is chronicled in my LJ tags and replicated on my website.

details )

I believe I can say that this is one of the happiest changes in my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I spent years preparing for it, 10 minutes getting operated on, and now it is as if my eyes never had anything wrong with them. At the start, I would think about my eyes every 5 minutes and marvel at my vision. Now, I can go for weeks or longer without it crossing my mind. I am often reminded when the wind blows, or dust falls on me, or I get an eyelash in my eye, when I cringe and wait for the inevitable searing pain... and it doesn't come.

And I remember that I can see.
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Today I wore green velvet leggings. It felt strange not being in my usual jeans, but the softness was nice. For fun, I brought green deviled eggs for the division potluck. Yummy!

I went climbing tonight, but nobody I knew was toproping when I first showed up, so I made my way to the bouldering arena. It's a little intimidating being there by myself, because I'm so not good at bouldering, but at least it's a workout that I can by myself. Fortunately, the big advantage of being a regular patron at a place like this is that you make friends, so nearly any night I go, I can eventually find people I like to hang out with.

tonight was no different )

and about the eyes )

And now off to shower and soak my poor swollen fingers in some warm water. Climbing hurts! Ahhhh, what a nice feeling.
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I went in for my 4 week post-op checkup today. Vision is great. I'm very happy with my eyes. These days every day is like one of my best contact days.

Dr Ross said that the lasered part has healed fine, although the surface cut seems to be drying out more than it should, thanks to my eyes' currently inability to produce tears regularly. This is most likely the cause of the mild blurring of lights I get in dim-light settings. So I need to remember to stay on a rather strict several-drops-a-day regimen for another few weeks. I notice that my eyes are somewhat dry, but it doesn't bother me, so I need to remember to do it anyways.

One side effect that I never would have thought of is that the people around me tell me I hold my eyes open wider now. I'm not sure if it's because I get the best sight when I'm not squinting, or if I no longer have to subconsciously worry about dust and dirt getting into my eyes and hurting.

Still haven't decided what to do with all my old contacts products. Anybody know someone who can use them?
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Yes, I'm still rambling about this. This time there's a bit of philosophical mumbles thrown in for good measure. I have tossed my journal entries from this journey onto a website; you can find it here. It's a little messy on the HTML front, still, but it's mostly complete, so feel free to point anybody interested in reading about my experience to it.

I can see.

This observation continues to astonish and amaze me. I've spent about 3/4 of my life needing correction, and now I don't. I spend my time outside looking at leaves and street signs and tiny branches, daring myself to believe that it's true. It's not the best sight I've ever had -- I once had contacts that corrected me to 20/15 -- but it's as close to perfect as I could really hope for.

I see 20/20 from both eyes now. It's probably closer to 20/25 in my right eye, but I don't notice that anymore except when only using that eye at longer distances. I have very minor dry eye and pretty decent night vision (both are better than with contacts). The only noticeable change is that I seem to be more sensitive to high contrast light settings, and too much concentration may give me a mild headache.

I can see.

I remember many years ago, some time after I had been wearing glasses full time (so maybe I was 8 or 9), lying in bed at night looking at the blur around me, wanting to see. I hoped, wished, cried, and prayed to any god out there to give me back my sight. I thought the most fantastic, undeniable miracle in the world would be for me to wake up in the morning and be able to see.

And now, 15+ years later, I woke up one morning and saw.

Of course, it wasn't simply the finger of God; if anything, it was the finger, a wonderful surgeon, $3500, a nerve wracking operation, lots of checkups, eyedrops, and a bunch of healing.

I could argue that God had nothing to do with it. I could argue that technology has simply advanced to a state that was could not be foreseen as being decipherable from magic to that 8 year old. And yet, I could argue that a higher power had everything to do with the timing, the money, the skill of the surgeon, and the success of healing. Or I could argue that the Universe simply put me in the right place at the right time.

Maybe it's time to re-examine my spirituality.

I can see!
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when my heart got lost
in those deep green eyes

I think the most amusing thing I have had to get used to is that I'm not green-eyed anymore. Before you ask: no, the surgery didn't change the color; the reason they was green before is because I had blue tinted contacts. Their real color is closer to hazel.

It's been two weeks now, so here's the update )

Still no regrets. I wish my right eye would go ahead and heal better, but I'm not bad off now. I hope my eyes gain back more tearing ability, as the dryness is mildly annoying, but it is still tolerable.

I love seeing.
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(you were wondering when I was going to use that line, weren't you?)

Second post-op checkup today with Dr Ross in Squill. Everything is going pretty well. Effective vision with both eyes is about 20/20. Eyes have been gradually stabilizing over the past week, so here is a chance to catch up on the details )

The only thing my doctor mentioned today was that he wasn't entirely happy with the smoothness of my cornea surface, and recommeded I increase my eyedrop usage to help it heal better. He sais that if it heals completely properly, I should end up with 20/20 in both eyes. So as of now, I'm up from using eyedrops "when I feel like it" to "several times a day." No sweat, I'm getting good at this. :)

Whee! I can see!
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Short version: I can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Long version (no really, I do mean long):
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operation )
post-operation )
recovery )

I reported during my post-op visit this morning that my current satisfaction level is a 4/5. That is probably actually a little low, and if the side effects decide to clear up any more in the next few weeks, I'll probably upgrade it to a 5/5. I can see. I can see. I can see the leaves on the trees. I can read fine print from half way across my office. I can see in the morning and in the evening without needing to "wake up" my eyes or having contacts make my eyes dry and tired. I can see in the middle of the night. I can wear sunglasses.

I'm so incredibly happy. Thank you so much to everybody for all your support and thoughts yesterday. It obviously worked. :)
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Eep. In about 5 more hours, I will have new eyes.

I would appreciate any prayers, good thoughts, blessings, or well-wishes you care to send my way, particularly during surgery (around 3p EST). I will post tomorrow with reports.
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I had my consultation with Dr Zimmer of the Refractive Institute today. Short story: I have an appointment for a LASIK operation on both eyes on Thu, Nov 6. Wish me luck.

the long story )
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I had another eye appointment today with Dr Edward Ross. This one was the pre-operation eye exam, which meant he was doing everything with an expectation of planning for LASIK in mind. I did my very best to make sure everything went well.

details on the exam )

I'll be going in Tuesday for a consultation (not operation!) with the LASIK doctor.
more about the surgery )
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come closer than this

Well, I did it. I took the first step towards getting LASIK for my eyes.

I intended to do this last year. I did some major information gathering at my last eye appointment, got glasses that I actually like, and got a recommendation to a good, competent surgery place. But I didn't follow through. At the time, it was money, and once the new year started, it was mostly just procrastination from nervousness and fear. But recent times of getting dust under my contacts, not being able to see in a nightclub because of light glares, the annoyance of glasses, and the realization that we set aside pre-tax money for the operation this year and this year is approaching its end have finally kicked my ass into a more active pursuit.

The steps that are next on my list: I need to take my contacts out for 3 weeks, and go get a current pre-op exam with my eye doctor. The contacts need to come out because they are hard lenses, which work to effectively correct astigmatism by literally reshaping the eye, and the exam needs to accurately determine natural eye status. That appointment is scheduled for Oct 17th. After that, I will be going to the The Refractive Institute to get a consultation with the doctor. I am waiting a callback from the secretary for that appointment. Then we'll see about the actual surgery. Maybe I can get new eyes as a Christmas present from myself.

So, starting this Friday, no contacts. Sigh. I hope I'll survive.
Update: Consultation appointment set for Oct 21.


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