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Prompted by recent conversations on FB.

[Poll #1939202]

1. I'm talking about traditionally gendered clothing according to present day, United States.
2. I am generally talking about outwardly visible clothing, not accessories. So generally not counting underclothing, shoes, jewelry, hats, hairstyles, coats, or most any clothing that could be considered "unisex" at a glance. But whatever. Use your own judgment.
3. If you identify or have identified as both genders, feel free to answer either or both questions according to a timeframe when it best applied. If neither, do whatever you want.
4. Yes of course you want to explain and clarify your answer, because the options are limited and do not appropriately cover your point of view. Please do so in comments in addition to selecting the poll option that best represents your position if possible.
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[Poll #1817848]
Use whatever connotation for these terms you tend to default to.
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[Poll #1782659]

Where by "first drink" I'm thinking of most of a single serving of alcohol that you ordered, accepted, were served, snuck, etc. Sharing counts if you had enough to consider it "a serving" or got drunk.

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[Poll #1717612]

0 I picked 10 years as a decently sizeable chunk of most of my friends' adult lives.
1 Name that you introduce yourself with, or that most of your friends call you, whether or not you've legally changed it. Could be a nickname if it's a distinctly different one than what you used in the past.
2 General length, e.g., "short" or "long" hair, not just a few inches difference, unless those few inches are all you had.
3 Again, more general, like the main color other people would describe your hair, or what you put on a driver's license.
4 Probably enough that whatever correction you previously used is no longer easily usable.
5 Use your own judgment for what feels like "significant," but I'd guess at 20% of bodyweight or so.
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[Poll #1606024]

[I am assuming basics for what you would expect from a polite host, not necessarily the best one might do.]

What other things do you do for guests, or might you expect as a guest? What circumstances would change these?
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Pointless poll Wednesday!
[Poll #1452219]

Bonus question for the comments: Is this the same type of process you used when you were growing up?
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It's pointless poll Friday!

Given similar accessibility and availability (i.e., if you have a comparable choice), what do you usually take?

[Poll #1385250]

Everything I missed in comments, etc.
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I just read about Soup Swap via some non-local friends. Looks like we missed the official annual date, but idea sounds so awesome I want to hold one here in Pittsburgh anyways, as soon as possible!

The basic premise is that
  • soup is yummy and good (particularly in cold weather), and
  • easy to make in large quantities, and
  • usually freezes well, but
  • too much of a good thing can be too much, so
  • sharing good things with friends in return for other good things is great!

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Loosely based off a zephyr conversation in which political clothing spending was discussed:

[Poll #1283257]
Or, if you paid a lot for some nifty awesome bikini set just because you wanted to, comment and show off to let me know!

Feel free to include any type of clothing that can be found in the lingerie section, or that is generally expected to be worn covered by some other clothing (e.g., bra, panties, boxers, undershirt, socks, hose, shapewear).
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This is more or less a topic of discussion I've had with various people over the last while. It's interesting to me to do casual studies on how my body works, and what signals mean when I get them. Mmm, science.

So, since I was eating lunch, I made up a poll about eating )
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It's that time of year again, when I bring myself and the boys to get our regular checkups. Fortunately, we're a pretty healthy bunch overall1, so these go relatively without complication. Oftentimes, the scheduling is more of a pain than the actual appointment. I've got one more to go (eyes, next week) before this wave is over.

I'm a fan of preventive care, and (probably thanks to a lifetime of mostly good experiences) I have large amounts of faith in the abilities of health care professionals (even if not in the surrounding politics), so it's pretty much never occurred to me NOT to have well-visits when they are covered by insurance. But I know not everybody thinks like me.

poll: how often do you go for checkups? )
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I am moved.

I was going to update on Friday, which was the first night the cat and I spent in the new house, but I was up until Very Late doing more packing. Then I was going to update on Saturday, after we moved everything else, but after unpacking enough bedroom for kids to sleep and bathroom for me to take a hot bath (it works), I was far too tired. Then I was going to update last night, after unpacking half the kitchen, but after searching for 30 minutes for the four alarm clocks I KNOW are packed somewhere and failing to find even one of them, I was exhausted and it was time for sleep.

So. Here I am. I have a new home.

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Bonus question: how many references in this post can you identify?
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In the past, I have usually approached agreements between people from a single viewpoint. It's occurred to me that other people might not see things the same way. I'm interested in how you handle this:

Imagine, if you would, a theoretical situation where Person A makes a request X of Person B . Person B responds with (something like), "Yes, I'll do X, but now's not a good time."

In your view, who now should be taking primary initiative for X to get fulfilled? Is it Person B's obligation to follow up on X when zie is not busy anymore, without waiting for a reminder? Or is your expectation more that Person A, the requester (and therefore the person for whom X is probably more important) should plan to make the request again later? Does the nature of the request matter?

[Poll #1076292]
As usual, feel free to elaborate in comments.

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I finally decided it was time to have a website again. New incarnation, much fewer boring details, and I even sort of learned a bit of css for it. So now I'm thinking about the silliness of online presences. What's yours?

friday poll )
Added: Aw, c'mon, all you people who claim to have horrendously out of date websites. Show them to me, so I can be entertained! I promise I won't like you any less.


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