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I had a lovely few days visiting [ profile] ravens_prentice in San Diego. There was talking and relaxing and reading and eating tasty food and climbing and walking. All in all a fantastic vacation.

Thursday we visited Mesa Rim climbing gym, which was a very nice gym, and wore ourselves out pretty thoroughly. I did not tear my new climbing shorts nor leave any blood on the walls, and I successfully climbed a 5.11c, so I left pretty happy.

Friday we visited the San Diego Zoo, which was a very nice zoo, although having grown up around Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, I was probably not quite as amazingly impressed as I should have been. It was still lovely to walk around, particularly with someone else who appreciated the adorable killer giant kitties, until suddenly I decided I'd had Too Much Sun and was ready to be done, and we spent the rest of the day lazing around.

Saturday was an amazingly delicious breakfast at Great Maple, which had maple bacon donuts that might have made the entire trip worth it just for them, if there hadn't been so much other pleasant stuff already. While there, I used my cis privilege to ask a manager why their single-use bathrooms still had gender signifiers on them, and she said she would pass up my message to the owner. Then I left a compliment for our awesome waiter.

At the airport I first had good flight luck by picking a security line which had a metal detector, so I could skip my expected freedom grope. Then my luck extended by arriving at the gate just in time to hear an announcement asking for bump volunteers, so I did that which allowed a grateful kid to have a seat, and compensated me with more than the cost of my round-trip ticket, and a flight that arrived home only an hour later than originally scheduled. On the plane, my seat neighbor struck up a conversation with me, which ended up talking about SF Cons, and I told her about Arisia, which she seemed very excited about. We exchanged email addresses and I told her she could poke me if she ended up attending.

The only unfortunate part is that I somehow lost my laptop mouse somewhere along the way, and I also picked up a cold somewhere, possibly in the first flight, and therefore exposed a ton of other people already. I've been through the sore throat, the runny nose, the stuffy nose, and now I suspect I have a slight fever, sinus pressure, and general achyness. Fortunately, it's all been fairly mild, and today is a cool rainy Sunday with no plans, perfect for lazing around drinking tea all day. Unfortunately, I just finished my 5th book of the week and I'm rather bored with lazing around, but I also don't really have energy to do much else. Maybe I'll see what else I can clean around here. After more tea.
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OK, 2015, I've had enough. I give in. Please, just please don't get worse.

In the last 3 days, I have had:
- difficult conversations on multiple fronts regarding the painfulness of exclusion and conflicting social desires.
- a car that just suddenly needs a new power steering pump, after it started making strange loud noises while I had it in for an oil change. When I picked up the car and immediately asked the shop what was up, they said it was probably just air in the lines and I should keep driving it. After a day, it progressed from loud and worrisome to actually not safely driveable. Nobody can figure out any possible cause for it, which means they are disavowing any responsibility, which basically means we don't have much choice but to make a big stink that might not accomplish anything or else throw large amounts of money at it to have a car again.
- a failed attempt at a takeout dinner mob at my favorite sandwich place, thwarted by the restaurant being closed without warning, after everybody had already showed up to my house.
- my body hitting the wall and being smacked down. I honestly don't remember when the last time is that I felt this kind of death-warmed-over awful. Movement is difficult, everything down to my hair is achey and painful, temperature regulation is impossible, and sleep is elusive. It came on suddenly overnight and was probably jumpstarted by two days of not enough sleep. In hindsight, I suspect that being annoyingly cold the last couple of days might have been some preliminary symptoms, which means large numbers of other people I may have managed to infect with this. I'm sorry.

To try to find some slight balance, here are the silver linings:
+ opportunities for me to practice my new years resolution of compassionate listening and thoughtful responses in the midst of emotional unsteadiness.
+ um. we have the money to throw at this problem and not be out of a car. OTOH, does anybody have another local (squirrelfield) mechanic to recommend?
+ dinner mostly salvaged by awesome friends and a tasty noodle place, although there were definitely things lacking.
+ said dinner leftovers providing me with hot broth sustenance for me for today as nothing else sounds appealing. Also, at least the sick waited until after all my planned events to show up, leaving me with a free weekend and nothing to do but recover.

I hope everybody else is having a better time.
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As a followup to the car saga from, ugh, almost two weeks ago now, we did finally succeed in trading money for a working car, and everything is home safe again.

not that it was a simple thing )

To add injury to insult, all of this was on top of some head cold that smacked me down last Sunday. So between the car uncertainty and just plain not feeling well, I got pretty much nothing done this week, including several of my usual fun things. And there's nothing like lack of productivity and activity to make me feel even more bleh. By today the cold has mostly resolved into the really gross part of trying to clear out my chest, which is definitely an improvement, although it's still tiring.

To add inconvenience on top of all that, my big crockpot suddenly decided to die while in the middle of cooking applesauce today. A loud POP and the distinct smell of magic smoke in the kitchen. Hopefully it won't flavor the applesauce too much.

Early tomorrow morning I'm scheduled to run in the Great Race, and I don't feel even remotely ready for it. Hoping a good night's sleep will help.
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Solstice was Monday, but mine began Sunday when I flew down to Tampa. Suddenly, it gets dark after 5pm! I walked around today in the sun and breeze, with a t-shirt. I've had fresh grapefruit for breakfast all this week.

Sadly, I also flew down with a cold, which got magnified on the plane, and knocked me down for a bit, making the last several days a lot heavier than normal. It's been a slower-than-desirable recovery, although pretty much everything is done with now except for clearing the gunk out. Running is a decent expectorant...

But this is the beginning of the sun. The last revolution was a year of a lot of changes for me. I spent a second year in my house, became better friends with some neighbors, and made an good attempt at a garden. I obtained and lost a housemate who provided me with distraction and company when I needed it most. I wrote puzzle parties for my boys, and helped them get another year through school and life. I broke my heart in excruciating ways and managed to rebuild it again.

I did plenty of awesome: I learned to ride a motorcycle, ran further than I ever have before in my life, lost my job, braided at a ren faire, climbed many more rocks, acquired and shared the joy that is bouncy stilting, and started an amazingly wonderful new relationship.

Next year is looking bright to me, so far. I have changes to make and growth to experience, but I also have life, love, and and a lot of hope.

Let the light begin again.
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This last week saw the passing of the autumnal cross-quarter as well as my LASIK anniversary.

The clocks have been turned back, making darkness come disturbingly early. On the bright side, the lack of a job means I can still get outside and enjoy the diminishing sunlight a lot more than when I was in an office. On the other hand, I can feel myself mentally starting to burrow into my warm cozy home nest for the upcoming winter, and it's slowly getting harder to actually get things done. The idea of doing a lot of busy travel is becoming less appealing (fortunately, I've already acquired all the plane tickets I need for the next couple months), but I've also been enjoy cooking and stockpiling.

My eyes are still working as well as ever, with the exception that I returned from my last Boston trip having acquired a minor upper respiratory tract infection, complete with my apparent tendency towards conjunctivitis as a symptom. So yesterday was a cough, last night and this morning were spent cleaning eye gunk out of my lids. Today was the sore throat and aches, but all minor enough that I could pretty much ignore it. I expect a new set of symptoms tomorrow, and hopefully a quick recovery.

Current project: convince all my local friends to buy bouncy stilts. Because they are AWESOME.

There are lights in my windows now, bringing a bit more cheer to my darkness and a smile to my face. I'm looking forward to the cold of this winter season with a lot less trepidation than I have on ones past.
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Well, I'm returning from the dead, or rather from a rather textbook upper respiratory infection. I spent the last week going through all the symptoms listed here, one at a time. It's day 7, and I can feel a marked improvement, so I have high hopes I'll continue to progress as expected and be "well" in a few days.

Meanwhile, I can catch up on a few things I was going to post about.

My younger son turned 7, and had a Star Wars themed party, where they made their own lightsabers )

[ profile] katybeth was visiting for the weekend, and when the day after the party dawned warm and sunny, we took wheels out to the trails )

Then after that, this virus brutally attacked me, and brought me to my knees. But after a day of sleeping, I found that if I coked up on dayquil, I felt well enough to Do Something, albeit slowly, so I worked in my yard )
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Today's observation about wonderful-good-lifesaving throat-numbing magic mouthwash: if I let it sit on my tongue for too long, I lose all ability to taste my breakfast.

Went to bed on Tuesday feeling exhausted. Woke up Wednesday tired, and within an hour had a mild sore throat. By the end of the day, I had a heck of a sore throat, serious pain when I swallowed, a low fever, general exhaustion, and possibly swollen lymph nodes in my neck. This morning, nothing had improved, so I went to see my doctor after taking the kid to school.

The good news is, she doesn't think it's strep. The bad news is, that means it's probably some other random virus that I just have to wait out and see. And then she prescribed me some of that wonderful-good-lifesaving throat-numbing magic mouthwash (literally; my prescription paper said: "Magic Mouthwash") so I could eat again.

So I am back home again, feeling mostly not-horrible, and trying to drink a lot, but thinking work isn't gonna happen much. Really hoping that I will improve for the weekend, since thankfully I had no big plans, but I did have small plans that I'd like to get to.

And now, nap.


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