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Happy first day of spring. It has been snowing all day. Today I'm thinking about spring cleaning. Well, just cleaning. And it happens to now be spring.

LJ: I decided that I could convince myself to write more if I worried less about making things fit for public consumption, and also if my f-lists reflected the reality of LJ these days slightly better. So I went through and removed a whole bunch of names - basically accounts that don't appear (to me) to have logged into LJ in well over a year. And I may be writing more locked posts sometime. If anybody actually reading is not added and wants to be, let me know. There are some LJ-ers I miss a lot. Most of them I have contact for elsewhere. Some not. I wish I liked FB for more than just fluff.

Yard: Yesterday I filled the back of the CRV with huge piles of branches, sticks and other deadwood, and then shoved two bags of other yard waste in the front seat, and dropped it all off at the yard waste collection site. Pittsburgh sucks for not having this be a regular curb pickup. Unfortunately, I was dumb and didn't use a tarp, and now the car is full of dirt and debris. Oh well, it was also due for a cleaning. I'll get to that soon.

Closets: I'm using the excuse of a friend's upcoming clothing swap to get rid of stuff I don't wear. This is a very overdue cleanout as I have been nearly overflowing my allotted storage spaces for a while now. So far I have three large bags full of mostly me-sized things, mostly in very good condition. If anybody I know wants to come by and go through it first, let me know. Today's cleanup involved the lingerie box. My roll against nostalgia flopped and I failed to get rid of my fishnets and corsets, even though I'm not sure I know how to wear them anymore.

House: This is the part where I accept that this is an ongoing and neverending project and just keep on hacking away at it. But I absolutely have to stop procrastinating because the state of some of the places around here has my anxiety at annoyingly high levels. Currently I'm working on my desk and closet. Future small projects include pantry, bookshelves, gaming consoles, kitchen cupboards, drink shelves. Future big projects include camping supplies, laundry room, underporch, and the rest of Jim's space, which will probably mostly be done by him. This summer will involve Justin's bedroom(s). Balancing out my (and the family's) packrat tendencies from my "must get rid of all STUFF" anxiety reactions is an interesting and tiring endeavor.

Office: I'm moving offices at work, after merely not quite 6 years in one spot. However, my current office hadn't been cleaned out before I moved in, nor before my officemate moved in 2 years before me. Last week we dumped a huge amount of stuff into the hallway for trash pickup. I pulled out the books that looked like they might possibly be of interest to someone, either for technical value or nostalgic value, and set them out in a more traffic'd area. This weekend I stopped by and took a trip of personal stuff out with me. I'm really looking forward to having a view of the outside world during my workday again.
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Many years ago, thanks to a visit to Thailand where my usual drinks were not as available, I started drinking tea. Back home, I quickly realized that not only is it tasty, it's a fantastic low-calorie sit-and-sip warm drink that I can keep at my desk at work (or at home) while I'm working, is good to wake up to, to relax to, and to hold during meetings.

I could certainly claim to be a tea enthusiast, although definitely not a tea snob. I have my preferences (black, breakfast, milk, no sugar, hot), but I'm not picky about some aspects (bag vs loose, 'proper' brew time/temp), and will compromise in the event of suboptimal choices (but no milk still makes me sad). I have an Amazon subscription to Twinings Irish Breakfast boxes of tea bags.

At work, I keep a box of tea, a travel mug (to keep it warmer longer), and milk in my office fridge. The most convenient nearby source of hot water is upstairs and down the hall, in a grad student/local staff lounge. I'd planned to get a personal electric kettle for water, but never got around to it, as the regular walk upstairs helps ensure I get up from my desk regularly.

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I've now been two weeks at the New Job, and I'm still not tired of it!

The first while has been a whole lot of overhead and integrating -- getting forms filled out, ID activated, passwords created, etc, then jumping into lots of documentation and scripts, and trying to get a feel for what's going on and what I'll be playing with for the next while.

Today, I was given a simple script to write. My first actual coding assignment here! Using new tools, in a new environment, on a new database, so although the idea was pretty straightforward, I was pretty slow. I got a several steps in, with help, but things still weren't working right by the time it was the usual time for me to leave. I was busy googling through help pages and sample scripts, learning more, making slow but incremental progress, and I was very tempted to just keep on hacking. Last year(+), on an off week when I didn't have kids or evening plans, I probably would have just stuck around, enjoyed the evening quiet in the hallways, and worked late until I was satisfied.

Now, however, I'm not entirely on my own schedule. There's someone at home waiting for me with dinner, who greets me when I come home, who wonders at me if I'm not around by some usual time. It's a warm and cozy feeling, to be expected and wanted, and I suddenly have new reasons to look forward to going home at night.

But at the same time, I also enjoyed going home to an empty house, and having an entire evening to myself, where I could call up friends if I wanted company, with nobody I needed to think about or notify if I decided to spontaneously change my plans. Also, the cat would come to the door to greet me upon arrival every day. She usually doesn't do that anymore, having gotten her fill of other people in my absence.

Ah, well, I suppose all good things come with some kind of tradeoff. On the whole, though, I think I like having my default be a partnership now.

[Oh, and after dinner I gave into my craving and logged back in. Script works now!]
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It was a crazy, fun, wonderful weekend.

Friday, I stopped by CMU to pick up the last of my stuff, most of which was files and email on a portable drive. After I scan through the folders to make sure nothing obvious is missing, I will consider my separation from this relationship to be cleanly complete, and we can start working on a friendship again. Still haven't ruled out the possibility of trying to go back in some way or another, but whatever happens, it will be different.

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Saturday, there was a party with bouncy stilts and games. We had five (!) pairs of bouncy stilts to run around in along my driveway and street, and about 10 people trading them off and being extra silly. The weather was cold but thankfully dry, although there were a few fun moments upon noting that muddy or icy grass is indeed slippery. People bounced until the sun and temperatures dipped low, and even for a bit after, before moving inside for games. I foresee this being a regular thing at future parties...

Sunday, I woke up to strange car noises from outside. [ profile] xuth commented that it sounded like tires stuck in snow. It does, I agreed, but that's impossible, since it wasn't snowing last night, and, being Pittsburgh, it couldn't have dumped that much on us in 8 hours. I peeked out the window, but aside from a drizzle, everything looked normal... except for a few cars seemingly parked rather oddly by the side of the road. Hrm. A few minutes later, the squealing came again, and a different angled window showed a car and four people all sliding comically on an obviously sheer-slick street, attempting to help the vehicle get to the top of the hill.

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Outside is chilly and insistently damp, and life all around me seems to be reflecting in empathy.

I recently joined the ranks of the underemployed, and so I'm home, more or less, during the days right now, and keeping very busy -- way more busy, it seems, than when i was working. How did I ever get anything done while I had a full time job?! It's been very good in many ways, particularly useful for when the kids have been sick, and allowing me to take some extended vacation this fall, which I'm really looking forward to. I've got a billion things I want to do and hopefully at least a few will get done.

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Surprise cliff tossing!

Guess it was time for me to grow wings.
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... or the naming of computers.

I've had my own computers at work since I took a job at CMU a few years ago, and cycled through a few laptops and a home computer. I kept a theme that I was really happy with, and over the past 5(?)+ years, have had wonderful, eventful times with the likes of halcyon, pax, siobhan, harmony, idyll, and quiescent.

But now, an era is at an end, and halcyon, pax, and idyll are retiring, leaving me with one home computer and two shiny new ones that will need names.

I believe it is time for a new theme. I have tossed a few ideas around in my head, but none of them seem particularly appealing yet. I install next week; time runs short!

UPDATE: The first machine is nyx. Other names in the queue include eos, iris, and iynx.


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