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When we arrived home yesterday evening, I stretched, unlocked the front door, and waited for the mewing, eager, affectionate greeting I always get when coming home from a trip. Instead, there was nothing. Something was wrong.

I went upstairs to discover that the door to my bedroom had blown shut hard, trapping Ember inside for some portion of the weekend. Usually I keep a doorstop in place, making that impossible, but I hadn't noticed it was moved before we left. Judging by the usage of the food and litter (which were, alas, outside of the room), it was on the longer side of things. She'd also torn up a small section of carpet under the door trying to escape.

The very good news is that she appeared basically unharmed. After being rescued, she wanted a lot of affection and a bit of food, but didn't seem unwell. Later in the evening and today she's been back to normal, albeit about a pound lighter. The bad news is that my bed, one of her favorite places in the house, was her de facto litter box for the length of her unintentional confinement.

The victims include a set of sheets, a pillow, mattress pad, and sadly, the mattress. Everything except the mattress can be thrown into the washing machine, and the mattress can be flipped, but I need some suggestions for getting the odor out. I've googled up cleaning suggestions that include a vinegar wash, or baking soda and peroxide. Will that work after it's sat for a day? Any particular methods or enzyme cleaners you recommend? Getting rid of everything is an option too, but I'm planning to give a shot to washing stuff out first.
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I came upstairs to do evening routine, which tonight included cleaning out Ember's litterbox, which I currently keep in the hall outside my bedroom. It's getting time to change out the litter completely, and so this scooping released the normal noxious kitty odors into the air around it. With that finished, I went and started my shower.

Not 5 minutes into the shower, I hear a dreadfully ear-piercing BWEEP BWEEP BWEEP from somewhere close by. I stumble out of the shower, cover my ears, peek out of the bathroom, and spot the smoke alarm in front of my closet, which happens to be a few feet sideways from directly above the litter box, and thankfully in my reach.

I notice a big button on it and push it, frantically. Fortunately, this is the "Push To Hush" button, and it silences. I glare suspiciously at the litter box, which is still emanating fumes, although somewhat less so as it dissipates, and go back to my shower to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. I'm nearly done when the alarm goes off again. With a towel tossed around my head, I push the button again to hush it. This time it doesn't hush. I unscrew the whole thing and take the breedling irritant into my bedroom, which has clearer air. It shuts up.

I inspect the hallway. There is nothing else in the vicinity which looks even remotely suspicious. My shower is at the other end of the hall, and wasn't even producing much steam. No fires were nearby. In fact, nothing was nearby, except for an empty stairwell, a couple articles of recently worn clothing, and the offensive catbox. Admittedly, my floor isn't doing so well for air circulation at the moment, but I didn't think it was -that- bad. The alarm is a 4-year-old Firex smoke alarm, with apparently good working batteries, but no gas detection that I can tell.

So... what the heck? Did that really just happen? How?

I opened my bathroom window for a bit, and replaced the alarm, and hopefully won't be greeted with a repeat anytime soon...
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Friday afternoon lazies strike again.

I was late to work today because my kitty was curled up on my legs oh-so-cutely. I'd occasionally reach down and scritch her, and she'd stretch out and cuddle more. When I stopped scritching, she reached up a paw and very gently pulled my hand down, and just held it on the blanket. I couldn't bear to make her move. She's such a doll.

What's the cutest thing your or another's pet has done lately? Respond to this post with a usericon featuring a cat, or the closest thing you have.
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My kitty caught a mouse! Yay! Good kitty!

(Bad house. I have no idea where it came in. My landlord's gonna enjoy hearing about this.)
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Followup from this post.

I've got two healthy cats, says the vet.

Took them both in for an appt to see Dr Schroth at Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic, where as soon as I walked in the door, one of the techs saw a kitten head peeping through her box, went "awww!" and the entire office came running to admire the cute. The doc estimated her to be around 6 weeks old, so we picked an arbitrary birth date of Apr 20 to put on her charts. She got weighed (1lb), explored the front desk, the exam table, and the arms of the tech thoroughly, and got a few routine shots, complaining almost none.

Regarding the bite, the vet, while admitting that turning the kitten over to the state was still the official recommended path, said that the chance of her being infected was low enough that I should just keep her separate for 10 days following the bite and watch her for any signs of infection, and then could consider her (and me) safe. Having thus far gotten different advice from the vet, my doctor, ACHD, and my insurance, I'm going to go with the one that's easiest.

Ember, who was sadly ignored in the initial kitten fray, also got admired and petted and pronounced well (weighs 8lb).

The local cat drama proceeds at a low level, as Ember still doesn't like this intruder, but occasionally will tolerate her presence in the same room now. Fortunately for her, she won't have to for much longer, as [ profile] csg87 has decided to take the kitten home with him next week. So anybody who wants to come by and play with her while she's at my house should make an appt for soon. :)

[Yes, somehow, despite almost every single person I know giving me a knowing wink and smile and swearing I would keep her, I did get her another home for her within the week. However, this foster kitten business is pretty fun. I could see myself doing it again sometime. Things that have been pounced by the kitten: my toes, my fingers, my nose, my nipple, a string, her tail, the water from the faucet, small specks of dust. Things on me that have been licked by the kitten: my fingers, my nose, my chin, my eyelid -- eep.]

Meanwhile, have some more cute kitten pictures. kitten )
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For those who haven't visited me lately, I have a cat. I'm very happy about this. In fact, I'm writing this post so I can show off how happy I am about it. And to show off a few pics.

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The amount that I consider myself an "animal person" tends to vary back and forth. I've never had much attachment or attraction to anything other than cats. My family had a cat when I was young through age 12, and I've always sworn that when I grew up, I would get another one to own me. Various things have made that not very feasible for many years.

Quite recently, one of my friends has asked me (and a number of other friends) to take her cat, who, for various reasons, she can't take with her when she moves. She is looking for a loving home, even a temporary one. The cat is two years old, spayed, healthy, indoor, clawed, shorthaired, affectionate, and really adorable.

Annnnnnnnnd I'm really tempted. i want a cat. I no longer have a housemate's health to worry about. I have the space and the heart. A grown cat would be more OK with me gone during the day or on occasional vacations. The kids are willing (and I don't think allergic). I gave a call to my landlord to ask his permission and am awaiting a decision.

I think the main thing I'm somewhat worried about at this point is how it would affect visitors I have. I really enjoy throwing parties and having people by, and don't want that to suffer too much. So I'm curious what this might do. Help me out a little?

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